Experience Australia Wine And Food Culture


Australia is a country that boasts of vast and diverse variety of fresh and enticing wine and food. The creativity and freedom that forms the bedrock of the Australian food industry has contributed immensely to its achievements of producing fresh and innovating flavors that include tantalizing ingredients and fusion food as well as incredibly fine wines that are the envy of the world. However, what really sets Australia a step above the rest is its exceptional natural beauty, magnificent weather and outdoor dining culture and lifestyle that allows you to enjoy these world’s best wine and food in the most stunning surroundings.

The Experiences 

If you are one of those people with immense love for unique and fine tasting wine and food, Australia offers you the best opportunity for a culinary adventure. Dining in Sydney harbor for instance is purely magical, from the chips and fish at the Manly Beach or on the deck of a classy harbor cruise to the high caliber fare of city restaurants. Alternatively, you can dine under a million stars in a surrounding of pure silence and tranquility or experience the legend of Outback Stockmen with a camp cooking in the northern territory.

You can also visit and explore Melbourne, a city that contains some world-class restaurants in secret undergrounds and converted warehouse locations. Enjoy outdoor dining overlooking the welcoming vineyard in Victoria Yarra Valley. If you seek to have that unique Australian food experience, then you should go for a barbecue in the Kimberly. The Central Markets in Adelaide and Melbourne are popularly known for its fresh produce and opulent delicatessens.

Wine and Food Events

In every region of Australia and in almost every season, there is a major wine and food festivals showcasing the Australia’s best. The festivals and events range from regional to international events and attract thousands of visitors and some world best’s chefs. One of the international recognized food and wine event in Australia is the’ Melbourne wine and food festival’ which is usually marked with displays of some rich and delicious autumn food flavors. There is also the winter truffle that is celebrated in Canberra or Western Australia.

You can also visit Australia during the “Kangaroo Island Seafood Festival” and sample some of the diverse variety of food with different flavors. Other wine and food festivals include the Canberra Fireside Festival, the Orange Food Week, the Victoria High County Harvest Festival, the Margret River’s Gourmet Festivals and many others. Another landmark event that food and wine lovers shouldn’t miss, are the food festivals that are celebrated during the good food month in the cities of Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.

Wine Connoisseurs are also provided with many options, including the Barossa Gourmet Weekend and the Adelaide’s Cellar door festivals. Celebrate New Year with Tasmania’s best cool climate wines during the famous Tasmania Taste Festival; or sample and taste Australia’s rich harvest during the wine month in April.

The Wine and Food Trails

The wine and food trails is found in most parts of Australia and offers you with an opportunity to explore, discover and experience Australia’s best regional wine and food offerings. Take a walk through the Poacher’s Way which starts in Canberra and discover the gourmets delight that are spread all over the countryside. Neighboring Adelaide are the McLaren Vale, Clare Valley, Barossa Valley and the Adelaide Hills, where you will discover hundreds of cellar doors, exquisite restaurant, farmers markets and artisan producers.

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